Right Now in This Day in History Class

On this day in 1893 or 1903, blues musician Big Bill Broonzy was born. 

First photo to illustrate newspaper report taken - June 25, 1848

Charles-François Thibault took three photos during the June Days uprising on this day and the following in 1848. Two of them became the first photos to accompany a newspaper report. 

Dancing mania outbreak - June 24, 1374

On this day in 1374, a dancing mania outbreak began in Aachen, Germany.

Battle of Zacatecas - June 23, 1914

The bloodiest battle in the revolution to overthrow Victoriano Huerta -- the Battle of Zacatecas, or La Toma de Zacatecas -- took place on this day in 1914.

Galileo sentenced by Inquisition - June 22, 1633

On this day in history, the Roman Inquisition sentenced Galileo Galilei for being "vehemently suspect of heresy."

Ferris wheel debuted - June 21, 1893

On this day in 1893, the Ferris Wheel debuted at the World's Fair in Chicago. 

Siege of the Legation Quarter began - June 20, 1900

On this day in 1900, the seige of the Legation Quarter in Beijing, China, during the Boxer Rebellion began. https://www.missedinhistory.com/podcasts/boxer-rebellion.htm

Abolition of slavery announced in Texas (Juneteenth) - June 19, 1865

On this day in 1865, Major General Gordon Granger announced the abolition of slavery in Galveston, Texas. The day is now commemorated as Juneteenth. 

Kasato Maru arrived at Santos - June 18, 1908

This day in 1908 marked the beginning of Japanese mass immigration to Brazil when the ship Kasato Maru arrived at the port of Santos in Brazil. 

Mumtaz Mahal died - June 17, 1631

On this day in 1631, Mumtaz Mahal died from complications of childbirth. 

Valentina Tereshkova became first woman in space - June 16, 1963

On this day in 1963, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to fly into space. 

General Slocum disaster - June 15, 1904

On this day in 1904, a fire on the paddle steamer General Slocum caused more than a thousand deaths. 

Bear Flag Revolt began - June 14, 1846

On this day in 1846, the Bear Flag Revolt began when a group of Americans invaded Sonoma. 

Luis W. Alvarez born - June 13, 1911

On this day in 1911, physicist and Nobel Prize winner Luis W. Alavarez was born. Learn more about Alvarez in an episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class at https://www.missedinhistory.com/tags/luis-w-alvarez.htm

Anne Frank born - Jun 12, 1929

On this day in 1929, Anne Frank was born in Germany. 

Occupation of Alcatraz ended - June 11, 1971

On this day in 1971, the occupation of Alcatraz by the Indians of All Tribes ended when federal marshals removed the Native Americans who remained on the island. 

Myall Creek massacre - June 10, 1838

On this day in 1838, the Myall Creek Massacre occurred in New South Wales. 

Bertha von Suttner born - June 9, 1843

On this day, writer, pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Bertha von Suttner was born. 

Nick Út took “napalm girl” photo - June 8, 1972

On this day in 1972, photographer Nick Út took the Pulitzer Prize-winning image that became known as the "napalm girl" photo.

Paul Blobel (of Aktion 1005) executed - June 7, 1951

On this day, Paul Blobel -- leader of the Aktion 1005 operation to get rid of evidence of Nazi mass murders -- was executed.