Oliver Haugh executed by electric chair - April 19, 1907

Oliver Haugh, who had been convicted of killing his family, was executed by electric chair on this day in 1907. Listen to the two-part episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class on Oliver Haugh here: https://www.missedinhistory.com/search.php?terms=oliver+haugh.

Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery - April 18, 1688

On this day in 1688, four Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania, authored a petition against slavery.

Constantin von Economo announced the spread of encephalitis lethargica - April 17, 1917

On this day in 1917, neurologist Constantin von Economo announced the probable spread of a viral disease, encephalitis lethargica, at a spread of a viral disease at a meeting of the Vienna Society for Psychiatry and Neurology. Listen to the Stuff You Missed in History Class episode about encephalitis lethargica at https://www.missedinhistory.com/podcasts/encephalitis-lethargica.htm. 

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun born - April 16, 1755

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, a famous 18th-century artist who would go on to paint 30 portraits of Queen Marie Antoinette, was born in Paris on this day in 1755.

Tiananmen Square protests began - April 15, 1989

On this day in 1989, the death of reformer Hu Yaobang sparked pro-democracy protests in China.

Violet Jessop survived sinking Titanic - April 14, 1912

On this day in 1912, stewardess Violet Jessop escaped the sinking Titanic on a lifeboat.

Colfax massacre - April 13, 1873

One of the deadliest racial incidents during the Reconstruction Era happened on this day in 1873, when a massacre broke out in the aftermath of a controversial election.

Yuri Gagarin became first person in space - April 12, 1961

On this day in 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth once, earning him the title of the first person to travel in space. 

Idi Amin deposed - April 11, 1979

On this day in 1979, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was deposed and fled the country. 

Statute of Anne went into effect - April 10, 1710

The Statute of Anne, widely recognized the first full copyright law, went into force on this day in 1710.